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Default Re: Tito's Notable Opponents, WOW!

Originally psoted by Sweet Pea
I don't think he has much of a shot at Basilio to be honest. He'd be crowded all fight long by the stronger, tougher fighter who'd be able to take what Tito dished out. Tito needed at least mid-range spacing and timing to get his shots off, when crowded it was hard for him to work, and Basilio would play that to a tee, often forcing him to back up, making his punches less effective.
Probably, but I see all the others I listed in that post soundly beating Tito with realtive ease. Against Basilio, he has at least a shot at a stoppage on cuts (unlike Napoles who while easy to cut would be much slicker than Basilio)
Trinidad was the same level of puncher as DeMarco, who had Basilio out on his feet and badly hurt, although of course Carmen came back and stopped him. I favor Basilio for sure, but he has at least a decent chance of a win in that fight unlike the others IMO.
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