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Default Re: Post A Pick Of Yourself On Classic Forum, MODS PLEASE DON'T MOVE..

Originally Posted by Dempsey1238
The uniform for the band. The full get up.
A kilt can run anywhere from $250 American dollars to as much as $1000, depending in the manufacturer and where its purchased. They are typically cheaper if you order them from over seas like Scotland Canada,etc. I purchased my second kilt for only $125.00 from someone who was getting rid of theirs. It was in top condition so I took advantage.

A sporan, which is the center piece that hangs from your belt can vary from $40.00 to $500.00. The reason for such a variance, is because they are made from a wide array of different materials. Some of them are leather. Others are ho****hair, and some are made from fur.

My hat, which called a Glen Gary, is probably around $60.00.

Their are other parts of the uniform like the socks, the plaids, my vest, etc, that range all over the place in price. Sometimes you can find good deals online.

My bagpipes were $1,500.00, but some can cost as much as $6,000.00. Again, cheaper prices are avaliable if you look around.

Here is a website for the store in Michigan, where I often purchase pipe supplies and clothing. I don't know if they have kilts though, but its a cool website.
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