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Default Training + jab problem?

I'll restart training on sept 1st at a regular gym to get back in shape..

I was thinking of doing weights..
3 days upper body + jogging/bike
1 day lower body
2 days only jogging/bike

Depending on work/school obviously.

Maybe some sparring thrown in there at random, but i first wanna get in shape before maybe going back to a boxing gym. Just wondering if it's a good idea and if I should do more lower body weights?

Now to my boxing related questions..
I sparred with a friend for fun yesterday and today and both our jabs appear ineffective. We usually just block or lean back or take a step back. Sometimes it will hit, but it's usually above the eyebrows, which does not hurt at all with headgear and 14oz gloves. Today, I most of the time decided to lead with my right hand and use the jab as a defensive punch more than anything else, it worked better for me. I know it's kinda hard to answer without footage or anything, but what do you guys belive could be wrong with my jab?

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