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Default Re: Training + jab problem?

Just because a jab doesn't land does not mean it is inneffective. That jab hides the follow up right hand.

Anyhow, the reason you jabs aren't landing to often, is all in timing. If you have good timing, you wait for the spilt moment when your opponent is about to punch, this means that one of his hands will be leaving his face, if you time it right, throw the jabs and BLAM! He'll eat that sucker right in the mouth.

Double up on the jab, throw the first jab, it gets blocked, then the second one lands.

Where are your feet? Are you stepping in with the jab? Unless you are tall and the opponent is short, step in with that ramrod. Are you using angle to move in, or are you standing right in front and being predictable?

That's all I can think of, for now, it would be easier if I saw you guys in action. Just remember, don't abondon the jab. The jab is the best punch in boxing. It may not be the strongest, but you definately can win a fight with the jab alone.
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