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Default Re: Post A Pick Of Yourself On Classic Forum, MODS PLEASE DON'T MOVE..

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
Cheers friend, and kudo's for the thread and your pics.

Australia has some pretty special scenery for sure, as has your country of course. The huge forrest area's full of huge mountains and flowing crystal rivers just entrance me. Differences in terrain etc from one country to another is fascinating.
Should I ever gain the chance to go, I will target my trip to your area, where my wife and I can meet up with you and your family... I would very much like to meet you, and I'm sure that you would make a better tour guide than anything I can find the world over...........

Your friend always,

Patrick ( Magoo )

By the way, how in the hell can I make this a sticky thread?? Who IS the mod of our territory these days?
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