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Default Re: Bodybuilding workout for boxing

Originally Posted by Ingar
Consider this: you don't know how to do cleans, or you're too bashed up in your legs or back to do it. I mean, there can be countless reasons for a need to do a simple variation of a bicep curl.
I can't think of a single reason for a boxer to isolate the biceps.

Originally Posted by Ingar
You could also have it as an addition simply because your biceps are lagging, i.e. it could be haltering the progress in your back training because of it's role as an important synergist in rowing exercises.
Biceps are lagging behind? How does that work? How do you determine your biceps are lagging behind?

Originally Posted by Ingar
Saying it's completely useless is like saying training biceps is completely useless, which is a very ignorant statement.
Actually it's not like that at all. But thanks anyway.
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