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Default Re: Foreman - Is it telling that...

While I don't think Foreman's comeback proved the 70's were superior to the late 80's / early 90's, I think it does prove that a great chin and a big punch can take you quite far in the heavyweight division.
I can imagine a well-preserved David Tua in 10 years being able to do quite well for a while, and to a point mimic George's comeback.

In the long run though, a big punch and sturdy chin only takes you so far. What impressed me a lot with George was how extremely accurate he was. He improved a thousand fold in this area compared to his prime years.
He also learned tp pace himself and set up the KO instead of wasting all that energy like he did in his youth.
All in all, I think he was a better all-round fighter the second time round.

George was probably just too slow to compete with the likes of Bowe, Lewis, Holyfield & Tyson, but he still remained competitive in all his comeback fights against good opposition like Morrison, Moorer, Briggs etc.
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