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Default Re: Bodybuilding workout for boxing

The thing about weights is everyone has an opinion on how many reps does what. I used to get muscle magazines and it would feature some known body builder and his workout. One week the guy would say high reps for mass and the next week another known body builder would say low reps for mass. I was always told to work with high reps for defintion. It just comes down to what you were told is what your believe. So calling some-one else and idiot because they read somewhere the opposite of what you read does not make sense to me.

I used to switch high reps for 3 weeks then low reps for 3 weeks but I was not boxing. I don't see any need to lift weights in boxing. IMHO
I myself box just to spar the fighters and want to have a decent looking body and that is why I lift. I may do a am fight but we'll see.
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