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Default Re: Marciano and Frazier if they fought in each other's era

Originally Posted by OLD FOGEY
I think you could plausibly argue that any great champion would go undefeated against the foes of another great champion, except perhaps Ali's foes. They are, after all, considered top ten fighters of all time.

If you switched Frazier and Marciano's careers, Frazier would have lost the years from 20, when he won the Olympic title, to 24, when he won a version of the title, to military service. His career would not even have begun at the time in his own time when he was champion. What impact would such a late start have had? Who knows. Frazier lost to Foreman the first time on the month of his 29th birthday. Marciano defeated Walcott to win the title on the month of his 29th birthday. It would have been the Frazier of the first Foreman fight who fights Walcott, the Frazier of the second Ellis fight who fights Charles, and the Frazier of the second Foreman fight, frankly way over weight, who fights Moore.

I think a loss is, at best, not an unlikely prospect.

It is all speculation, anyway.
The greatest threat to Frazier going 49-0 would likley come at the dawn of his profesional career when he is used as canon foder as a raw profesional with a verry short amateur career.
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