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Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty
I take it you are referring to me then David? Cos Sucka doesnt live in Scotland & was going to support Marquez if he & Scott harrison fought. Sucka & I had some furious arguments about that.

So the 'You out Sucka' argument of him being scottish & thats why he doesnt like Hatton argument simply doesnt stand up

& I dont like Hatton, cos hes a fake & threw a sombrero onto a prone Arthur when Gomez beat him. Its utterly personal with me, I hate him cos of what he did to Arthur. He disrespected Arthur AND Scotland that night. The majority of english fighters are good people, Hatton is an egotistical horrible little git who hides behind a false persona.

**** Castillo, my dream fight would be Witter whupping Hattons ass. Witter was always the real deal, & Hatton has ruined his career. Even though Witter is a legit champ now, he still lives in Hattons shadow despite pleading for a fight with Hatton for years & being snubbed, cos Hatton didnt have the bottle to face a top class boxer like Witter.

So please, dont say I simply dont like Hatton cos hes an englander, cos its deeper than that. In fact, you insult me saying my Hatton hatred is as shallow as a simple Scotland v England argument.
High Dunky mate. Long time I was lookking forward to chatting with you and Top Dog and all my scottish mates after Ajose Olusegun's comprehensive win over Gary Reid. However the website lost those threads. Shame.

Boy you really dislike Hatton don't you. I think the problem with Hatton fans is that they are not very objective. That is not to say Hatton is not good but his record is a bit suspect I think. He or his management both Sports Network in the past and his current management have avoided Junior Witter. Style wise I think Witter could do him though Witter looks to be slipping as well.

If Hatton get to fight Ajose Olusegun I promise we will bring your hearts desire and inflict a serious defeat on him. If this happens I expect you guys to make Ajose and I honorary Scots.
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