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Default Re: Larry Holmes vs Ezzard Charles

Originally Posted by MRBILL

No way in hell a prime Larry Holmes struggles with a 6' tall 183 pound Ezzard Charles.... Charles was a gifted boxer with an average punch for a guy between 175 to 190 pounds. Larry Holmes at 6' 3" tall and in the area of 209 to 213 pounds, would be way too much for Charles to deal with... What's Ol' Ezzard gonna do to Larry Holmes from the outside? He sure as hell can't out-jab Holmes from a distance, and Charles isn't big enough to manhandle Larry Holmes on the inside, either... I'm sorry, but I CLEARLY see Holmes controlling Charles from the outside and beating him silly for a late round TKO..... Peace....

He struggled with a 6'0, 202lb journeyman in 1979 - apologies to M.r Weaver. I'm sure going into that one, EVERYBODY figured Holmes to have a three or four round cakewalk.

Of course, not all is what it seems.

I'm confident that a peak Ezzard Charles would make for a difficult tactical battle.
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