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Default Re: Marciano and Frazier if they fought in each other's era

From Janitor from Last YEAR.

Something to think about before you guys just claim, that anyfighter would clean house on Marciano's era. Other poster said it this way when Fraizer vs Marciano's oppentions. And I sort of agree with him.

Joe Frazier vs Rocky Marcianos opposition

In this scenario our young Joe Frazier dose not enjoy the benefits of a long amateur career culminating in an olympic gold medal. He is thrown into the professional ranks after only twelve amateur fights. Worse still, by his third profissional fight his sheister manager starts matching him up with people who have records 15-25 wins to give his boys an easy victory. It is not unlikley that our young Joe Fraziers quest to tie the magic 49,0 ends when he picks up a loss in his first twenty fights.

Eventually he starts to rise through the ranks and his potential is recognised. His next big test is when he takes his first step up in competiton against the unbeaten Roland LaStraza. Would the Frazier who fought Oscar Bonavena be ready for LaStraza yet? Hard to say. Whether he gets past this hurdle or not he will be hitting the big time by now.

Once in the mix with the top contenders Frazier will find this era of small slick fighters particularly well suited to his swarming style. Rex Layne would be a bad stylistc match for him but I am sure he would prevail. He will certainly go on to win the title one way or another. Having fought Walcott twice, Charles twice Moore once and LaStraza twice it is possible that one of them edges him to take a decision at some point in the timeline.

Will Frazier tie the magic 49,0? Personaly he is one of the few fighters that I could see doing it but there are a lot of pitfalls along the way early in his career on the way up and late in it also.

The thing is, you can NEVER be sure 100 percent that Tyson, Ali or Fraizer would tie the magic 49-0 record had they fought in Marciano's era.
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