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Default Re: Marciano and Frazier if they fought in each other's era

my sort of replie. lol All before the crash of couse.

wasnt me, other poster on other fourm,

He had Fraizer vs Louis, Johnson's and others comp.

Not to say Fraizer would not go unbeating, but there are a lot of pitfalls(As he said)Could Fraizer go 49-0?? Of couse. But there is always the chance he might get upset here or there. Or being too green vs the likes of Eddie Ross(25-0 vs the Rock's 3-0)

If they could get though being short change our put in with GUYS over there level, they can get to the 49.

Ali could do it, but he was prone of being upset here or there(As with the case of Norton and Spinks)

I think Tyson would go to 35 and 0 or something and have that ONE night were he is upset.

Foreman?? I would think he COULD do it, but if he can get out of the early going with the Eddie Ross's(When Foreman was 2-0 or something) Than he could do it. I think Larzaza and Walcott, would be his biggest test. Charles has a shot also if he can wear out Foreman.

If we take the BEST of each fighter, sure they could beat anyone the Rock beat, but this is a Career, they are HUMAN, they may get in the fight out of shape(As Tyson did) or overlook something(As Ali did vs Norton) or the guy makes it to the 7 round to ko Foreman.

Anyman can beat anyman, when they get in the ring. Yes it was a bit of luck for Marciano to go 49-0(As in Marciano knocking down Larzarza in round 4, or the ko punch on Walcott)

Its possible, but you guys are making it seem much easier than it was.
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