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Default Re: Larry Holmes vs Ezzard Charles

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
Trouble is we aren't matching the Holmes of the Spinks fights, who was operating on about 50% and 65% of peak capacity. We are talking the classy operator who shutout Shavers, pounded Leon Spinks, etc. The Holmes struggles in the Spinks matches have no bearing at all in this one. Just like Charles getting ko'ed by Middleweights and getting dropped 87 times.

As for the Spinks rematch, well 90% or more scored it for Holmes by about 4 points and it was well known that Holmes continual bashing of the establishment and big mouth had finally caught up with him. I know it used to be the old adage that one had to come and convincingly take the title away from the champ, but that had gone out decades earlier.

I also don't think there's ****** all difference between Charles and Spinks, and wouldn't be surprised if Spinks pipped him.
The Charles of the Louis fight is a far more polished finisher than Earnie Shavers....I am not saying it would be a blow out but I see him giving Holmes a lot of trouble as far as Spinks being better its a matter of opinion but I think Charles was a far better Heavyweight...Some fighters are not suited for the lower weights Jimmy Ellis got dropped by Huricane Carter and beaten by others @ middle yet he was a pretty solid Heavy...B_Hop looks better than ever at 175 and he is 43 yrs old but Chris Byrd flopped losing weight and was weakened...Charles on a good night had fast hands good skills and took a hell of a shot...If you judge Spinks by the Tyson fight he was a weak Heavy
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