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Default Re: R. Mayweather interview.

Originally Posted by thewoo
Oscar is 34, past his prime and hs been fighting the best for almost 15 years now. If he wants to retire now or take one easy farewell fight, that's his right at this point I think.

Floyd sounds like a desperate puppy chasing a rematch for something that he thinks was an easy fight and says will be even easier the 2nd time around. Not a single person is stupid enough to believe that he is up to anything other than cashing in on Oscar's name one more time. If he is as big a draw as he thinks he is then he should be able to make money on his own name and get off of Oscar's nuts.
not really. i mean if i could get that much money off of one fight. i'd go after a rematch too regardless of how easy it was. personally i'd rather he fights Cotto or Mosely. but i can't blame the guy for going where the most money is.
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