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Default Buster Douglas as a top 100 heavyweight

Personally, I think James " Buster " Douglas is a bit underrated. When he went ino the ring against Mike Tyson in February of 1990, he brought with him an average man's record of 29-4-1-19, and was a miserable 38-1 underdog, ( or something like that. ) When reflecting on James Career, however I can't help but touch upon the fact that he really did have some talent as well as a few good signature wins. For one thing, his monumental upset over Mike Tyson was in and of itself a huge legacy. Although Tyson, was arguably sluggish and unmotivated ( as I have argued in the past ) he was still 23 years old and unbeaten in 37 fights, with at least 10 title defenses. We can't make much of a debate for Mike being washed up, as he clearly wasn't.

What's more James had some very good previous wins over an aging yet still competitive Trevor Berbick, a prime Greg Page, Tex Cobb, Mike Williams, a rising Oliver Mccall and undefeated prospect Dion Simpson. He would later pick up victories over tough trial ho****s Jerry Halstead and **** Ryan. While his losses to Bey and White were less than flattering, the rest of his defeats came against reasonably good fighters in Jesse Ferguson, Tony Tucker, Evander Holyfield and Lou Savarese.

Douglas also possesed a fair amount of skill as well. He utilized pretty good footwork when he wanted to, had a very good left jab, and slightly above average punching power. He could also take a fight to the scorecards and win when he needed to .

Douglas retired with a respectable record of 38-6-1-25. Although he can't be rated with the likes of Dempsey, Jeffries, Louis, Johnson, Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Marciano, Holmes, Lewis, Liston, Holyfield and several others, I would certainly like to think that he could be remembered as being more than just the journeyman who got lucky against Mike Tyson......
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