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Default Re: Mccall knocked Tyson down in 1988

Oliver indeed did have Mike on the floor in preparation for the Spinks fight, Greg Page dropped Mike in preparations for the Douglas fight, I saw a heavyweight called Stan Allen rock Mike once also badly in the gym to the point of Mike having to take a rest... Friday Ahunanya dropped Mike heavily in preparation for the fight with Clifford Ettiene.. Mike said after the fight in a post fight interview , Thanks to all those who helped me get ready for Ettiene Tyrone Boone , Stacey Mckinley and Friday .. but couldn't pronounce the surname (Ahunanya) so he just called him a very popular African heavyweight that everyone in Las Vegas knows .. called Friday.. Mike and all great fighters through history were dropped in sparring.. As for the other question.. Was Oliver ever dropped by Mike .. NO. But i have seen first hand Olivers face after sparring back then.. He sure was a train wreck of a mess.. Oliver was indeed undroppable... But not unbruisable..Ollies old Manager Elijah Thomas told me Oliver and Mike fought hard and partied hard, They were very respectful of one another.. When McCall lost by decision to Douglas Mike poked so much fun at McCall after the fight in the dressing room .. McCall later stated in the press that Douglas is the type of guy who would probably give Tyson problems if they ever meet..

Wasn't he so right..........

God bless.

God bless.
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