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Default Re: R. Mayweather interview.

Originally Posted by thewoo
Well duh, we all know exactly why he is doing it. It doesn't change the fact that he looks like a desperate puppy in doing so. For a guy that just recently placed his own value at $25 million per fight and said that no one can discuss money with him he is certainlly not acting like someone that has faith in his own name. he claims to be on the same level as oscar. Oscar has not had a payday lower than $20million since he fought Trinidad. This was Floyd first payday of that size nothing else had ever come close.

He criticized Mosley and Bernard saying that they are Oscar's yes men. He is just another Oscar groupie simply not promoted by golden boy. If Oscar says jump. He will jump again for another payday.
Well hopefully Oscar says jump to fight my business associate Shane Mosley.
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