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Default Re: Marciano and Frazier if they fought in each other's era

Of couse Ali was in the ring with Marciano and Fraizer. He spar 100 of hours with the Rock of couse. And he was impress with Marciano, mostly noted is the abilty to slip the jab of couse. And Marciano was 45 years old. Marciano made a good account for himself in the Ali computer fight to be able to impress Ali of couse. And Ali had the 3 wars with Fraizer. So if ANY one should make a guess on who was better, I think Ali should be though on on first hand just for being in the ring with both of em. Yeah one was a computer fight, but it was REAL sparing in compares to body punchings. So Ali got some ideal on how a REAL fight would have went.
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