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Default Re: Foreman - Is it telling that...

Did Bowe beat Lewis, or vice versa? Did Tyson beat Bowe? Did Lewis beat Moorer? Did Tyson, Lewis or Holyfield meet each other in their prime? The answer to all the above questions is no. No one really established themselves as a dominearing force in the 90's. That was partially my point when establishing that Holmes and Foreman, 2 members of past ereas, had a profound efect on a division that wasn't really as solid as some make it out to be. If Holyfield was the best fighter of the nineties, and foreman and Holmes both went the distance, plus beat a few contenders along the way, is that not having an impact? Homes completely outboxed a prime class contender in Ray Mercer. Foreman defeated Moorer, stewart, Rodriguez, Savarese, Grimsley, and picked up a world title in the process. I would like to list the acheivements of Ali, Frazier and Norton in the 90's, but unfortunately, they were unable to participate due to Ali's developing parkinson's, Norton's accident on the Sante Monica freeway rendering him crippled, and Frazier was somewhat disabled as well.[/quote]

The point is Holmes did not beat any of the top men of the eighties and nineties and Foreman only defeated the second-tier Moorer. I don't see how the top men of the nineties not always fighting each other impacts this fact.

In the seventies, Ali fought everyone. Frazier did not fight Norton or Holmes. Foreman did not fight Holmes. Norton did not fight Frazier. Holmes did not fight Foreman or Frazier.

The nineties would look about the same, with Holyfield fighting everyone and the others missing one here or there, except for Bowe, who missed everyone except Holyfield.

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