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Default Classic MMA DVD

If a DVD or series of DVD's came out with a collection of the most significant fights and footage in MMA history, what should be on it? What are the most significant, interesting, and historically important moments on film?

A few I can think of that I know are still around (in chronological order):


Jigoro Kano and Kyuzo Mifune demonstrating Judo
(foundation of modern gi-based grappling)

Billy Edwards vs. Unknown (only bareknuckle champion caught on film)

Corbett vs. Courtney
(first Queensberry champion; beginning of modern boxing)

Corbett vs. Fitzsimmons (last title fight involving fighters using the earlier boxing style)

Jim Jeffries (training, sparring, wrestling, and fight clips--a fighter who was good at both Greco-Roman wrestling and early gloved boxing; excellent at clinch fighting)

Gichin Funakoshi Performing Kata (foundational figure of modern karate)

Roeber Wrestling 1901 (European Greco-Roman wrestling champion; beat Fitzsimmons in a mixed bout)

Miscellaneous Combat Sports Clips (wrestling, boxing, possibly judo and jujitsu)


Dempsey vs. Willard (first heavyweight title fight using a truly modern style; Willard is the last champion of the transitional era)

Stecher vs. Caddock (possibly the last "legitimate" wrestling title fight)

L****n vs. Martini
(boxer vs. wrestler)

Herman vs. Pagantis (boxer vs. wrestler)

Louis vs. Schmeling, Baer (Louis demonstrates the textbook modern style of boxing.


Gracie vs. Kato

Gracie vs. Kimura

JKA Shotokan competitions

PKA Full Contact Karate

Bruce Lee Sparring Footage

Gene Lebell vs. Milo Savage

Ali vs. Inoki, Monsoon

Maeda vs. Sayama


UFC I-IV, Gracie's Fights

First PRIDE Championships (Silva and Nogueira)

Rickson at Vale Tudo Japan

Coleman vs. Severn, Smith

Pride GP #1

Bonnar vs. Griffin
(not living up to the hype--but the point is that this fight was important because it was the final and widely watched segment of the reality show that brought MMA into the mainstream).

Fedor vs. Crocop

What else?
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