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Default Re: got cranked w/ a body shot today.

Originally Posted by atg
I was sparring with a guy who is 178 lbs(im 145) and we did some sparring drills first round jabs only, second one jabs and crosses and 3rd round only hooks and uppercuts. I was doing fine until the 3rd round where he kept hitting my ribs. I through back at his head and sent quick combos at him but at one point he just smashed me w/ a hook to the ribs. I leaned over and I felt I couldn't breath. Lucklily he stopped for a second and I got back up. But I felt like I was going to throw up. It happened again w/ another body shot in the next round and after that I felt like I was gonna collapse.

My question is should this be happening? Do I need to work harder on ab work or road work? Or is it I just need to improve my defense?
More ab work wont help as much as getting hit in the stomach, or dropping the good old medicine ball on your stomach everyday.
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