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Default Re: Pryor - His competion...

I watched several of Pryor's fights as he was coming up and both Arguello fights. I'd probably rank him as the #1 ATG light welterweight. He didn't need to face every great light welterweight in history to prove he was the best. It was obvious from the performances he gave, which are probably available on DVD or tape.

He was a buzzsaw, unstoppable and intimidating. He admits that Arguello hurt him a couple of times with brutal uppercuts that snapped his head back. Pryor recalls seeing the auditorium lights and not much else for a moment! But I think Pryor is being generous to Arguello (they have been friends for years). Pryor didn't seem the slightest bit stunned.

Keep in mind that being the #1 ATG pro light welterweight has a very narrow scope. In the old days, when it was either lightweight or welterweight, fewer fighters were able to successfully make the 10-12 lb. transition. That's why weight divisions are micro managed now. Pryor was too big for lightweight and we'll never know how he might have fared at welterweight for a couple of reasons, chiefly missed opportunities and drug use.

Hypothetically speaking (assuming all in their primes), I think Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather would have found ways to duck Pryor, whether at light welter, welterweight or some newly invented catchweight. Duran would have taken him on and had a helluva a tough time. I'd like to have seen three fights between Duran and Pryor at light welterweight. Mosley wouldn't duck him but I don't think Shane beats Pryor. Meldrick Taylor would have fought Pryor and been KO'd (Meldrick was a courageous guy). Oscar DLH - nope, not at light welter. Oscar's prime weight was jr. lightweight and lightweight. JC Chavez wouldn't have been able to solve the riddle - Pryor could be as slick as Meldrick Taylor and Pernell Whitaker and hit waaay harder than any of 'em. And I'd give Sweet Pea a good shot at Pryor - Sweet Pea was just so slick. But Pryor would have walked right through Pernell to get at him and might have ended it.
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