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Default Re: Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis bad weakness

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
Bummy - how much more highly do you rank say, hmmmm, Larry Holmes given that he came off the canvas multiple times prior to being an old man and won every single one of them?
One thing I can say about Lewis and Tyson is that they always fought the best,It was Bowe who would not fight Lewis, Lennox was willing, I have to rate Holmes below them, one reason is that Renaldo Snipes would have not been able to put Tyson nor Lewis on the floor and the Shavers that fought Holmes would not have been standing by the 2nd round vs Lennox or Mike. Holmes avoided Dokes,Page,Thomas,Weaver,Coetzee, Witherspoon,Williams. I think that Lewis went into the boxing mode once he tested his best punches on his opponent and he could coast and win, Tyson usually had the guy out and if he did not got in close punched, held, and most of the time won, Tyson got discouraged but IMO Tyson and Lewis would have easily walked through Holmes opposition
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