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Default Re: More impressive one round beating?

Originally Posted by Maxmomer
Yeah, that was plenty brutal, but I was hoping people would pick between the two I mentioned above.
Sorry , Baer was definitely better than Willard,imo.Louis had been left hooked through the ropes in their first fight ,and taking no chances ,went straight on the offensive in the return,that final right hand was a text book shot,and the huge Baer ,pirouetting to the floor ,like he was trying to screw himself into the canvas,clinical destruction.In the book "The Harder They Fall", the writer who is building up "Toro Molina2is in the famous New York boxing bar "The Neutral Corner",on the back drop they are showing the Dempsey Willard massacre,its described in the book as "Dempsey looking like a half starved timber wolf attacking a steer", a writer talking about the fight said ," the only reason Willard didnt die was because he was too strong to bleed to death in three minutes". I think the Dempsey v Willard fight is about as competitive as some thing you ,d see in a slaughterhouse,on that day Jack might have whipped anyone.
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