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Default Re: Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis bad weakness

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis
Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis had 2 bad qualities, both men never got off the floor to win, and Lewis never stopped a man after the 8th round(TKO'd Tyson in eight) Tyson stopped 1 fighter Jose Ribalta in the 10th (Ribalta was KO'd earlier before and after his fight with Mike) besides that fight Mike never Ko'd a fighter after the 7th. I would like to hear opinions as to what the reasons were and how this affects there legasy and ATG status
Iím glad someone else sees this. While Lewis and Tyson did not score many late round TKOís, or get off the deck to win the reasons as to why differ greatly.

Tyson was a tornado like front runner. He could get his opponent out of there in a hurry. With Tysonís power, few made it past the 8th round. But the pit bull like Tyson lost his aggressiveness as the rounds went on. Those who could weather Tysonís storm and stand up to him ( which was by no means easy ) defeated him. Tyson could take a good punch for sure, but when hearts and courage count for something in boxing too, and here Tyson was lacking.

Lewis much like Tyson had the power to Ko his man early. He never scored later round TKOís because of his great power, and cautious nature. When Lewis had the fight won on points, he played it safe to prevent the other fighter from cashing in on the puncherís chance.

I think Lewis had plenty of heart. He proved it in the Bruno, Mercer, and Klitschko matches. Each match had some rough moments in it for Lewis. I never saw Lewis mentally give up in the ring. With him it was a shaky chin that prevented him from getting up and winning.

One statistic Iíd like to see in boxing is how often does a fighter who is knocked down first get up to win. Iíve watched at least 3,000 boxing matches. In my estimation, a fighter over comes a knockdown to win about every 5 times in every 100 matches.
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