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Default Re: got cranked w/ a body shot today.

Originally Posted by atg
Yea it really does. The main thing with me is it seems like shots don't hurt as much when I'm tired so as a result I don't stay as alert. I think I gonna take a vitaman or something or something. Cause it just really wasn't me normally last nite in sparring. Should have stayed on the outside more.

BUT in the end I'm glad it happened there because now that I think of it I was gettin ****y to try to fight on the inside like that. Also if that would happen in a real fight, even though most people my weight won't punch nearly as hard, the shock of the wind gettin taken out of me won't be as a suprise.
Im also going to start taking some multivitamins since all the water in my body comes out when Im in the gym, its really freaking hot. Just do what you think is working and listen to your trainer. I used alot of advice I got from this forum and my trainer in last nights sparring, IE uppercuts when low, getting a little low, moving alot so the infighter couldnt plant his feet.

Sparring is where its at.
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