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Default Re: Is there anyone that poses a threat to Fedor?

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings
So what? Monson is a 240lb heavy that started out as a light heavy who is only 5ft 9.His built like a tank.I never mentioned anything about his conditioning nor strength thats totally immaterial.But if you watch his fight with Tim you`ll see his famed hands were like lead and his musculature which IS NOT trained for explosiveness didnt allow him to do anything except grab Tims ankle and get pummled.FACT Monson is slow.FACT Monson is musclebound.Theres no many here that would disagree.. aprt from you of course
He lost to tim because he was a foot shorter and facing a guy running away the whole fight, not because he isn't explosive. He is one of the best scramblers around, and one of the fastest heavys on the ground.

The bottom line is you said he was muscle bound and slow because he trained like a powerlifter, while clearly he doesn't train like a powerlifter.

Vs Perosh

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