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Default Re: Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis bad weakness

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis
Renaldo Snipes would have not been able to put Tyson nor Lewis on the floor and the Shavers that fought Holmes would not have been standing by the 2nd round vs Lennox or Mike. Holmes avoided Dokes,Page,Thomas,Weaver,Coetzee, Witherspoon,Williams. IMO Tyson and Lewis would have easily walked through Holmes opposition
Not this again. Larry and Dokes never should have happened. Larry fought Witherspoon and Williams, and he was going ot fight Coetzee but a promoter was busted and sent to jail, and the location was in disagree ment. It was called off about 2 months before fight night. I might give you Thomas, but still, Thomas didn't make a huge effort to fight Holmes either. You are basing on what you would like, but it isn't exactly possible. All of those guys you are saying Larry should have fought/given rematches would have all been post 1983, so that is 7 fights in 2 years. Thats A LOT of champion ship fights for 1 man to do in 2 years, don't you think? Larry didn't fight Page was because he was offered a great contract to fight 2 low risk guys for a bunch of money, and Holmes was a buisness man (he openly admits he was) and took it. 1 week before his fight with Frazier, he found out Page was his mandatory, and obviously there is no way he can call a fight off 1 week before fight night, and go and fight someone else. And that would be stupid anyway. He was training for a low risk fight, not a hard fight. Larry dropped the belt because he was fed up with King's BS, and the WBC's BS. He promoted his own fights and refused to deal with King because he knew King would find some way to take money out of his pocket. The right hand that Snipes hit Holmes with would have dropped Lewis for sure, and it would have deffinately hurt Tyson, possibly dropped him, hard to say. Neither Tyson nor Lewis would have gotten up from the right hand Shavers hit Holmes with. You say Tyson would blow through Holmes's comp, yet he fought some of the same guys, just they were older, and they gave him a decent fight. Tyson's 2 best wins and performances are over 2 past their primes men who both only took the fight for the money, and both were at least 10 years older than Tyson. Larry wasn't even in fighting shape. Holmes's best wins are over Cooney, Shavers (both), Norton, Mercer, and Cobb (just by shere masacre). IMO the Weaver and Witherspoon of the Holmes fights would give Tyson decent fights. Shavers would always have the punchers chance, especially sence Tyson could be discouraged.
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