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Default Re: Danny "little red" Lopez vs Eusebio Pedroza

Unlike most big hitters, Lopez was a volume puncher of the highest order because Danny knew he had to work hard to set up the knockout blow. If he didn`t get it (which very rarely happened), he would at least be secure in the knowledge that he outpunched his opponent enough to win on points. To me Danny was like a termite relentlessly boring holes through his opponents defenses, and before long his opponents weakened foundations would crumble in a heap.

Now I readily admit that Pedroza was the better and more accomplished fighter, but I think Lopez brings him to hell and back and I do not think it is far fetched to say that Danny wouldn`t pull a Zamora on him and clean his clock in similar fashion.

Eusebio did have a fairly regular habit of taking rounds off here and there and let his opponent get back into the fight, before going all out the following round or two and then reverting back to coasting for another round.

Now against Danny he would not be able to take any rounds off and he would be fighting at a pace that he is not accustomed to against someone who would have been the hardest hitting opponent he had ever faced in his career in Lopez.

Eusebio had excellent stamina, but he never had the kind of workrate that Lopez did, and it is my feeling that Danny would hurt Pedroza several times and force him into retreat mode for most of the fight and outwork him over 15 to take a decision.

But the thing to remember here is that Danny was willing to walk through any amount of punishment to get the job done because he had unwavering faith in his ability to land his atomic right hand eventually and take his foe out. More often that not, that faith was justified, in fact it was justified 39 times in 42 career victory`s, and I honestly believe that Danny`s belief in his ability to land the big bomb would have proven right against Eusebio as well.

Lopez KO15 Pedroza
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