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Default Re: Most physically powerful boxer...

Originally Posted by Lex
James Toney. How the hell does a grossly overblown super-middleweight hold his own against most heavyweights? And it ain't just steroids. The guy is phenomenally strong considering what his natural weight ought to be.

Butterbean... at least for a few minutes before he has a heart attack.

No way Liston beats Foreman at any age, in their prime or not. Foreman was always naturally bigger and stronger. Liston's vulnerability was the robotic way he threw his jab. Leotis Martin timed him perfectly over Sonny's static, predictable jabs. Muhammad Ali's "phantom punch" in the rematch with Liston was also a perfectly timed right over a mechanical Liston left.
In Liston's only non controversial loss,Martin bombed an exhausted over the hill Liston.A younger man who kept awy from Liston,until he seen Sonny breathing with his mouth open.Perfectly timed? it was more like Sonny was to tired to hold up his big arms.The Liston of 1960,would left Leotis a quivering wreck.
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