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Originally Posted by salsanchezfan
Thank you for mentioning "Tweety." Haven't seen him discussed here, so it's long overdue.

Davila was one of those guys that wasn't outstanding in any one area; average power, average speed, average defense, etc., but he was always in the mix because he was so experienced and educated. His skills were unremarkable in comparison to many, but they were consistent and subtle. When all is said and done, he knew enough and had the resources to overcome fighters with maybe one glaring flaw or two. Against the real studs like Zarate and Gomez and guys like that, he would always fall short because they were simply great fighters; he was competitive with damn near everyone else though, due to his pluck and savvy nature.
Good summetion Sal, couldn`t agre with you more. I will add though that Alberto was deadly accurate and had an uncanny sense of timing. He would routinely catch his opponents on the way in or as they were in the process of throwing their own punches.
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