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Default Re: Danny "little red" Lopez vs Eusebio Pedroza

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan
Good stuff RB, as always. I wouldn't be shocked to see Lopez land something big and end it perhaps even sooner, but my money is on the slicker, trickier guy here.

I would also like to add that Lopez had a really hot wife. Bonnie was smokin'.
I know I am in the minority here by picking Danny to beat the more accomplished and better overall fighter in Eusebio, but I just don`t see how Eusebio is gonna avoid getting caught by one of Danny`s bombs over 15 rounds even if he is the trickier/slicker fighter of the two.

If Rocky Lockridge could bull Pedroza around the ring for the better part of their two fights, I see Danny doing much the same but unlike Rocky he would have put his man away for keeps once he connected.

And I agree with you 100% on Bonnie, she was a very pretty girl, definately my kind of gal looks wise. But I always thought that Danny`s sister was pretty damn hot as well, you can see her sitting next to Bonnie during the Lopez-Ayala telecast, she was one ***y broad that one.
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