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Default Re: Is there anyone that poses a threat to Fedor?

Originally Posted by ufoalf
Listen, he IS build for explosiveness. Unless you're a bodybuilder, big muscles DEFINE explosiveness. The reason he failed against Tim, like i said, is because he failed at basics of how to take tall people down, or anyone for that matter. He didn't do it off of a punch, he wasn't close when he took ANY of his shots. He failed miserably. You really can't judge him not being explosive from this match.
Big muscles define explosiveness???!?!?!?!? Dude seriously which pipe are you on? Do you think Ronnie Coleman or Gunter Schlerkamp are explosive??!?!?! There is NOTHING explosive about Monson his just a big strong guy with great Jujitsu.Monson can get guys on the floor FACT.He just coulnt get Tim to the floor because he couldnt negate Tims physical advantages and he didnt have the boxing dirty boxing skills of Randy as well as the head movement to avoid Tims pesky sloppy jab.Everytime Monson went for a leg Tim simply sprawled..
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