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Default Re: Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis bad weakness

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis
Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis had 2 bad qualities, both men never got off the floor to win, and Lewis never stopped a man after the 8th round(TKO'd Tyson in eight) Tyson stopped 1 fighter Jose Ribalta in the 10th (Ribalta was KO'd earlier before and after his fight with Mike) besides that fight Mike never Ko'd a fighter after the 7th. I would like to hear opinions as to what the reasons were and how this affects there legasy and ATG status
I think both arguments are absolute rubbish.

As Marciano says,
"Why dance with a man for ten rounds when you can knock him out in one?"

Lewis and Tyson could dispose of their opponents quickly - This is to their credit.

Prime Tyson was not a front-runner - He was consistently aggressive and damaging during his prime over the course of a fight as shown against Mitch Green, an easy decision victory.

Of course after he deteriorated under the tutelage of Aaron Snowell, he didn't have the legs to be effective for the duration of a fight - Heck, he refused to do any road work! During his prime years though, his conditioning was superb.

Lewis was knocked out decisively once - Many great fighters have been laid out in such a fashion. Joe Louis, Roy Jones etc etc. So what? He's only been knocked down twice in his career. Joe Louis was knocked down 11 times wasn't he? Obviously there's a greater chance to recover from ELEVEN knockdowns then there is from TWO.

The reason Tyson never went on to win a fight from being knocked down is because it took a MASSIVE amount of punishment to put him down in the first place - It's obviously easier to recover from being knocked down if you're knocked down EARLY.

It was almost impossible to knock Tyson down early.

Thus, this does not effect the legacy of either fighter - Not even in the SLIGHTEST. The high number of early stoppages actually works in favour of their legacy.
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