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Default Re: Tale of the tape - heavyweights

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis
Muscle weighs more than fat and look at 160 lb James Toney 238 at 5"9 too fat but he looked good at 200-210 (JIROV-HOLYFIELD fights) Problem with muscle is that it affects stamina, guys like Marciano,Jeffries,Foreman could gain weight if it was put on right and look better but it would affect there stamina
To understand why the old timer fighters were lighter, one must understand the times they lived in. There was no such thing as air conditioning back then. Transportation was no walk in the park. Life’s most mundane tasks required men to break a sweat. Manual labor was at its peak. The fighters themselves could go beyond 15 rounds. Fat fighters do not do well in distance fights. There was no such thing as processed fast food loaded with fats, and such.

Such conditions molded leaner and harder men built to go the distance.
If fighters like Corbett, Fitzsimmons, Dempsey, Louis, and Marciano were fighting today, they would be at least 10-15 pounds heavier. Modern fighters diets in general are not as good. With the maximum distance being 12 rounds, fighters focus more on building muscles for hitting power, then cardio exercises designed to help fighter’s go 15 rounds.

I do agree with poster Bummy Davis though. There is a thing as too much weight. How much is too much depends on the fighter’s height and body type.
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