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Default Re: Tale of the tape - heavyweights

Originally Posted by Longcount
If the vintage guys could have scientifically increased their career starting weight by 20% (which is less than Holyfield & Moorer did) :

Liston would have been 240
Jeffries would have been 252
Dempsey and Louis would have been 217
Marciano would have been (a very stumpy) 228
Baer would have been 230
Tunney would have been 210

Guys like Patterson and Fitzsimmons, even with the additional bulking-up, would still have been cruisers.

It just goes to show that these guys were potentially big enough to compete today.
While your argument is valid I think your estimates of how much muscle these guys could carry is a little optimistic. I would suggest the following are realistic (asuming they were totaly ripped)-

Liston at 225 lbs
Jeffries 230 lbs
Dempsey 210 lbs
Louis 220 lbs
Marciano 205 lbs
Baer 230 lbs
Tunney 210 lbs

Then again if you cut down the amout of roadwork they did to modern levels you could perhaps add 10 lbs to all of these figures albeit for no gain in performence.
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