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Default Re: Sandy Saddler vs Pernell Whitaker at Super Featherweight.

well i feel pernell wins but this is a wieght which pernell wouldnt reach easily,at lightwieght which saddler wouldnt mind im sure i think it could be pernell, but at featherwieght saddler could bang and maul and totally crush his smaller opponant he had done thgat all his life why does pernell a man who is a greta defencive artist but was not a quick mover in terms of foot work he would move but he digging a hole my poin is that he isnt a mover he wont jab and move he stay flatfooted (to his advantage to stay balanced when sliping) and would need a different style to beat him.

at superfeather i think pernell would do it maybe very convincingly

but saddler is a better fighter than this lumbering flat footed fighter that we percieve him to be. he was a hard tough guy who was awkward used to grappling butting gouging. he would rip pernell from the floor and barge him to a corner will he will manhandel him.

but in a good situation pernell could be slick enough to not get cuaght up, he should use the jab to keep him off him and then throw more and more punches and time it to when saddler tries to grapple.

even pep the hardest fighter to hit was totally man handled(and actually carried and barges and brawled to a place where even the most defenceful fighter (pernell and pep are similar in terms of workrate jab and movement)

ud by pernell but saddler could do somthing really bad to him
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