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Default Re: Lets say..........

I bleve if Tyson stayed with the Kiven Rooney he would have had a much better carrer. There is no clear answer on what would have happened in the Douglass fight. To me there are three factors two that favor Douglas. The first is dogulas's Style was the best for fighting Tyson. Second he was dertermaned to win "he wanted it more." The third is uson's Corner dubed "Team Tyson" was one of the worse corners ever to work a boxing match.
With hat in mind if Douglas did beat Tyson I could see him making the adjustments to win back the championship. If Douglas were to have defended and lost to Holyfield Tyson who would not have gone to Indlapious. Would have gooten a shot at Holyfield or Bowe by 1992. Tyson's defence took a major step backwards when he left Rooney this also lead to his down-fall in terms of boxing. Bowe would have given him trubble but he would not have been unbeatable. I think Holyfield's "hart" would have done him in aganst the real version of Tyson at the time their first match was susposed to take place.
Personaly there is no way Tyson wouldn't have had problems, but I beleve that his decline would have hapened more slowly and probbly not as bad.
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