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Originally Posted by janitor
Here is what McCarthy's manager said of him-

"Luther McCarty was a natural born fighter. He had only two years of ring experience. Never had seen a boxing bout until he was forced in as a substitute at a show he attended with some cowboy friends. Fate prevented him from proving what I claim for him, that he was the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time. He was a combination of speed, cleverness, gameness and hitting ability. Immune to punishment, loving the lust of battle, gifted with every physical requirement."
I wonder how much of McCarty was hype? Remember this was the white hope era of boxing and any white heavyweight who had a chance to defeat Johnson might have been over rated in the eyes of the press. McCarty was not undefeated before his fatal ring fight. GunBoat Smith beat more impressive fighters while Johnson was champion. Smith was White too, but he never got a shot.

How good was McCarty? Good. If he was very good Johnson could have avoided him too.
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