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Default Re: Moments when you knew you were in the presence of greatness.

For me, I think I've always been able to spot a good guy or a bad guy. The defining fights I'm thinking of are ones that made you sit up and no matter what you knew about boxing a fighter was showing he was a class apart.

We all knew MAB was good but when we saw him dismantle Hamed we knew we were seeing one of the best Mexicans to ever do it.

We all knew Lewis was good but we still doubted him, especially coming off ANOTHER brutal ko loss but when you saw him dismantle Tyson, you knew he was great all along, you just didn't want to accept it.

Usually its the 50-50/underdog fights where like everyone else you just couldn't say exactly what was going to happen and then BOOM you were FORCED to sit up.

Recently, I'm thinking maybe PAC-MAB, Hopkins-Tarver, Calzaghe-Lacy etc
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