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Originally Posted by Mendoza
I can’t see anyone saying Smith was not a white hope unless they under stand the genesis of the word was meant to describe a bad white heavyweight with little chance of beating Johnson.
A white hope refers to one of the generation of white fighters who were brought along in an effort to dethrone Johnson. Smith did not emerge out of the white hope campaign so he is not a true white hope.

Smith had a real chance of beating Johnson which is why they never fought in a stakes match.
You could argue based on the historical evidence that Johnson ofered Smith a chance to fight him for the title and Smith declined.

This is not so. The heavyweight championship of the world was Johnson show. Johnson was his own manager. He picked the where’s and the when’s. There was no commission back then forcing him to fight anyone.
This is verry true but he still had to negotiateterms and a contract with the fighters manager. He could not just say "I will fight Gunboat Smith tomorrow".

Johnson did not draw well vs Flynn at all. A mere 9,000 or so saw the match.
Yes but he was paid $30 000 up front before he had even put on a glove. He did not particularly care whether his fights drew or not as long as he got his advance.

If Johnson had signed to fight Langford, Jeanette, or McVey in England or France, he would have a huge purse too. Langford.
The fight would certainly have been a big draw but the sums that he was being offerd as an advance to fight Langford were derisory. The year that he fought Flyn for a $30 000 advance he was offered $4000 to fight Langford.

The acid test of his willingness to fight Langford would be whether he would have done it if offered a sum similar to that he was offered for fighting Flyn.
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