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Default Re: Most dangerous fighter in each weight class from the neck up.

Originally Posted by Homicidal Hank
At heavyweight, it's Ali hands down. They way he studied and then exploited a fighter's strengths and weakness. He was a genius. Michael Spinks at light heavyweight for me. He was a brilliant strategist. He was brilliant at heavyweight, as well. His wins over Holmes and ****ey showed real smarts. By the Tyson fight, his mobility was gone and he was intimidated. Roy Jones Jr. at middleweight was freaky smart. He was, of course, freaky smart all the way up through heavyweight, as well. Ray Robinson takes it at welterweight. He also had it often at middleweight, for example his strategy against LaMotta. At lightweight, I think Whitaker takes it, and he carried it up through welterweight. Willie Pep was the genius at featherweight, without question. I haven't considered the lighter weights.
I agree with you on pretty much all counts there. I also think alot of Michael Spinks' tactics and smarts can be attributed to Eddie Futch.
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