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Originally Posted by Olu G. Rotimi
High Dunky mate. Long time I was lookking forward to chatting with you and Top Dog and all my scottish mates after Ajose Olusegun's comprehensive win over Gary Reid. However the website lost those threads. Shame.

Boy you really dislike Hatton don't you. I think the problem with Hatton fans is that they are not very objective. That is not to say Hatton is not good but his record is a bit suspect I think. He or his management both Sports Network in the past and his current management have avoided Junior Witter. Style wise I think Witter could do him though Witter looks to be slipping as well.

If Hatton get to fight Ajose Olusegun I promise we will bring your hearts desire and inflict a serious defeat on him. If this happens I expect you guys to make Ajose and I honorary Scots.
hello Olu. nice to talk to you again. Yeah, the threads going missing were a shame indeed. & to answer your question, yes I cannot stand Ricky Hatton! & the reasons are many. Avoiding Witter is high on my list of 'reasons to hate Hatton'

However, what I dont like is the Hatton fans saying 'the scots dont like him' cos I dont? Im not the official voice of Scottish people on here. I just have my own opinions, & everyone can think what they like.

Hatton fans are almost as full of **** as Ricky himself!
Anyway, enough about me, lets talk about Olusegun. You say he would be an honorary scotsman in my eyes if Ajose beat Hatton? No way.

He would be the ULTIMATE scotsman if he beat hatton, & Ajose be up there with William Wallace in my eyes if he beat Ricky, & put an end to all the undeserved Hatton hype. & I int kidding!

Trouble with Hatton is though, he doesnt fight prospects. He prefers to fight ageing once great fighters who are in decline & useless belt holders like Maussa & Urango to seal his legacy, if he ran from Witter all of these years hes certainly not going to go anywhere near Olusegun.

I really hope Im wrong though & if Hatton wins they give your boy a shot, cos I would pick Olusegun to beat Hatton. I think you & I know, Hatton is there for the taking. Anyone who gets their head boxed off by Collazo & nearly gets KO'd by him & wins a dodgy decision cos hes HBO's cash cow 'white boy' isnt the monster his fans make him out to be.

Damn I know I sound nasty, but Hatton brings the bad side in me
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