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Default Re: Cotto better than Kessler??

Originally Posted by sonny73
For some reason Ring Magazine have Cotto higher on their P4P list than a Kessler someone who is a double world champ unbeaten in more fights and having beat a slightly higher opposition I feel.Is it just a case of the Puerto Rican voting contingent bigging up Cotto above his actual achievements or do neutral minded people actually feel he is more deserving of a position on the top ten list above Kessler?.Maybe the voters for the p4p list should be dissallowed to vote for countrymen or people they have a vested interest in.
I have a couple of problems with your post. Kessler being a double cahmpion, trple quadruple doesnt mean anything because those are usless belts. The fighter skill and competiton level especially in the last five fights is what matters. Yes hes unbeaten in more fights, because hes fought more easy competition then Cotto. Kessler hasnt fought and beaten as many high level fighters as Cotto and definitly hasnt destroyed them like he has either. In my book if your destroying your(high level) competition, your pound 4 pound.
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