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Default Re: All-time 175lbs Tournament Match #1 Andries V Hopkins

Originally Posted by McGrain
Yeah, I understand what you were saying.

I think what your suggesting is that there's no point because it's been done before?

Mabye "Ageless Warrior" hadn't been released at that time?

I'm guessing Hopkins wasn't in it.

Perhaps a few folks have changed their mind between then and now?

And there will be a few more members.

Most of all, I wasn't here to explain why Langford beats Charles

In the meantime you might actually learn something, teach something, enjoy yourself, or just plain old sit out.
There is no point doing another tournament. The discussions will mostly remain the same, and while some new points might be added, it's not worth clogging up the whole forum with. We did the tournament thing, it's out of our system, and frankly I don't think anyone can be ****d going through it again. I know I can't. I did the lightweight tournament and after that I was all predicted out.
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