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Default Re: Has there ever been a puncher...

Originally Posted by Russell
Who never met anyone he couldn't floor and or KO? Basically, a fighter who through an entire career never met a man who could take his best?

Earnie Shavers met Holmes twice, and despite landing probably the very cleanest punch that he ever would against the man, he couldn't keep him down.

Also, Shavers/Cobb, but the ring was wet and Earnie supposedly couldn't get many good shots off.

Lennox Lewis ran into Tua, McCall & Mercer.

Foreman couldn't even put down, none the less KO Ali.
Shavers lost to light heavy Stan Johnson early in his career, he hit Ron Stander with everything but could not floor him and then Stander Ko'd him, he could not KO lighheavyweight Vincente Rondon(who was KO'd by Bob Foster(and others) in 2, Bob Stalling dropped Shavers in his prime and Earnie could not hurt him losing the nod and Quarry took his best shots and KO'd him. Lennox Lewis could not KO Levi Billups but Corrie Sanders took him out in one round. Foreman vs weak chinned Morrison, Lewis vs Marovic
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