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Default Re: harry greb sparring video

Originally Posted by majinjohn
all the old timers look **** to me, I've always thought they boxed very primitave. Rubbish defence bad balance, plodding footwork!
50 years from today, young fighters will be saying the same thing regarding Roy Jones Jnr... The game is ever changing and transitional. Dont discredit the old fighters. The majority of them had tougher fights than the blokes fighting today. The game was raw, designed for harder men with a lack of fitness, who still managed to fight upwards of 15 rounds, through a career of 20+ years, encompassing anything up to 300 fights, without the performance enhancing drugs moderns take, without the medical improvements, without the diet, fitness training and recuperative advances.
Men are men. Situations, time, necessity and advances afford these men the ability to step up. As each generation advances, the previous generation looks slightly lessened. Jim Corbett looks like a bloke who just walked into a gym for the first time, whilst sparring with Peter Courtney, yet, HE WAS the H/W Champion at the time.
Progress allows for change, thankfully. If you look at the co-ordination of Jack Sharkey, he looks like a modern fighter. In contrast, if we take into account the mentality of George Bush Jnr, he resembles that of a caveman..... no better than the cave dwellers he had the pretence of stating to chase.
Greb has an amazing record, very, very active career. How many of the dills in the modern age would fight so regularly???? Precisely none. The intensity has changed and doesnt allow those men to fight as often. Camparisons have to be balanced and just.
Fighters can be compared to motor vehicles, regarding the methods and advancements. The open aired chariots are the predecessors of the modern F1. The same applies to boxers.
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