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Default Re: Has there ever been a puncher...

Young George Foreman met a veteran George Chuvalo, seemingly confident enough in his wrecking abilities at 15-0 with 13 knockouts.

But the third round of this fight is pretty amazing. Foreman suddenly lands a tremendous left hook that slams Chuvalo against the corner ropes and Foreman proceeds to unload with colossal, savage hooks on his stationary, upright target’s left side of the body. Chuvalo winces but absorbs it all, finally plodding out to the opposite corner, with Foreman following with mostly ineffective jabs. Now in this corner, Foreman continues to flail away at the statue-like Chuvalo, who still stands mostly straight up, covering to the side and looking for a counter. But Foreman’s blows now lack the authority of just a few seconds prior. He looks tired of hooking away and seeing his opponent still standing there, banged up, but still game. He continues to swing and punch at the air with both hands, and when a swipe lands cleanly but with no effect, Mercante steps in having seen enough. Foreman glowers at Chuvalo as he turns away, as if saying, “I got you, but, you tough SOB, why didn’t you go down?” And his subconscious seems to radiate, “Good thing. I was running out of steam, there.”

Chuvalo actually complained mildly to the ref and the New York crowd booed the announced time. Chuvalo took Foreman’s best and survived on his feet, not by elusiveness or speed, but by doing what he did best, which was to stand there and take it like a man. Ali, as usual, said it best, “Chuvalo’s head is the hardest thing I ever punched!”

I believe young Mike Tyson never experienced the immovable object. The guys that went the distance with him early on were running like crazy. Of course, Mike’s punches’ accuracy and speed were much more effective than Foreman’s comparatively sloppy loops. I still feel for Pinklon Thomas, harangued on by cornerman Angelo Dundee, trying to be a rock for Tyson over 5-plus rounds, but, just when he seemed to be out of the woods, finally had no choice but to succumb and crash down-and-out to a fearsome, merciless barrage for the ages.
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