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Default Re: Louis vs Charles (prime for prime)

Originally Posted by Mendoza
Would you classify Charles as a fighter who liked to mix it up, or as a smart boxer type who picked his shots, and waited for the right moment to attack? I pick the former. Charles was aggressive. He liked to slug, go toe to toe, and use his speed and skills to counter.

I did not say Charles could not use his legs, I just feel tactically he perfereed to mix it up.

One could say Charles was the 2nd best fighter Louis ever fought. Marciano was the best.

Charles did like to mix it up, he could fight from the outside and inside he had such a great ****nal but he also had good heavyweight power in either hand, speed, good legs and ring smarts. I dont know if Charles, Walcott or Schmeling was the 2nd best opponent Louis fought but Marciano was the best and Louis was at the tail end of his career if the fight was prime to prime the result MAY have been different and it MAY have not but here would have been a load of early fireworks
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